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Energy-Boosting Smoothie on the Go


By Nancy Smorch

It was another one of those days when things just kind of popped into my schedule (or lack thereof!).  The farrier called as he was in the area and had some time to come over and trim the horses’ hooves.  I was thankful he was able to fit us in right when he got back from his trip to Lexington, as a couple of our horses’ hooves were starting to chip - their hooves grew quite a bit last month and the 5 weeks since the last trimming seemed to fly by.

I had also promised our youngest daughter that I would take her into town today so she could look at guitars.  So as soon as the farrier left, we left for the music store.

But first I needed a quick snack, so I pulled out the VitaMix, and threw some stuff together.

I recently bought a few products from Amazing Grass to throw into smoothies as a “booster," and with all the running around I needed to do, this seemed a good time to grab some extra energy  before I got going on round 2.

Today I thought I would go with the Amazing Grass Green Superfood Energy Lemon Lime Drink Powder. It’s loaded with all kinds of good stuff, including a probiotic and enzyme blend, and a green food blend which includes organic wheat grass, organic barley grass, organic alfalfa, organic spirulina, organic spinach, organic chlorella and organic broccoli, superfoods like organic acai and maca root, and other great ingredients.

It’s flavor is a lemon-lime base, so I struggled for a minute to think what other superfoods I could add that would complement or enhance the flavor.  I went with dates to give it some sweetness - the bananas too.  I had been wanting to combine lemon and chocolate somehow so I went with the cacao nibs.  I wanted the hormone balancing benefit of maca powder, and a little tartness and the health benefits of dried goji berries, and then of course, the Amazing Grass mix.

Here’s what I decided to go with:


1 cup ice

6 pitted dates

1/2 frozen banana

2 Tbsp. cacao nibs

3 tsp. maca powder

1 1/2 cup almond milk

2 Tbsp. dried goji berries

1 scoop Amazing Grass Energy Lemon Lime Drink Powder!

I put all of them in the VitaMix and blended together.  It was surprisingly delicious!  It’s always so much fun to throw stuff together like this and have it work out so well.  You can start with this base and play around with it based on your tastes or totally change it up -  anyway you do it you’re body will appreciate the nutrients