Health Warrior Weekly Musings:

Weekly Quote:

"The greatest individuals in history were unwaveringly committed to a future destiny without any need for immediate feedback from the environment.  It didn't matter to them if they hadn't yet received any sensory indication or physical evidence of the change they wanted; they must have 'reminded' themselves daily of the reality they were focused upon.  Their minds were ahead of their present environment, because their environment no longer controlled their thinking.  Truly, they were ahead of their time."

-Dr. Joe Dispenza

A few weeks ago, I went to one of Dr. Joe Dispenza's workshops.  It was pretty cool!  He talked a lot about changing your habits, your behaviors, your thoughts, and your mind, and how all of this creates changes in your reality.  It was a much needed reminder for me at the perfect moment for me.  So I decided to dive into his book, listed below:

What I'm Reading: Breaking The Habit of Being Yourself by Joe Dispenza

What I'm Listening To: Brendon Burchard: Hacking High Performers & Productivity Tricks, BulletProof Podcast

What I'm Watching: Iconoclasts, Season 2 Episode 5 with Paul Simon and Lorne Michaels

Iconoclast is a series where to "Icons" come together and spend time with and interview each other.  I love the series, and this one, in particular, was inspiring because it shed some light into the creative process used by Lorne Michaels (creator of Saturday Night Live), and Paul Simon (of Simon and Garfunkel).