Julie Bauer & George Bryant’s Cookbook: 'The Paleo Kitchen'


By Nancy Smorch 

I posted a picture of these pancakes the other day, and since I bought Julie Bauer and George Bryant’s cookbook, "The Paleo Kitchen," a couple of weeks ago, I’ve made these pancakes 4 times!

Although I can’t give out their recipe here, I strongly encourage you to buy their cookbook, and if you know of anyone who is looking to cook a little healthier, in a Paleo way, again, I definitely recommend this as a gift.

I like to mark good recipes in my books with a sticky note - let's just say my copy of "The Paleo Kitchen" is covered with them!


I’ve tried a lot of Paleo pancake recipes and this is the best one.  Sometimes Paleo pancake recipes can be too grainy because they call for almond flour - which I like - but often it gives the pancakes an unpleasant texture, especially for those in my family who don’t need to eat Paleo and have been pancake fans for years (Frankie!).

This recipe calls for tapioca flour and coconut flour, so it isn't gritty.

Also, sometimes when you don’t use sugar (which they don’t in Paleo recipes), the honey doesn’t always sweeten the recipe enough, or will sweeten it in a way that I’m not used to.  I mean, I LOVE honey, but sometimes it just doesn’t do the job as a sweetener.  But in this recipe it works.

Although, I have to admit, I added a little Grade B maple syrup from Pleasant Hill organic blueberry farm, and that worked as well.

The recipe also calls for coconut oil to cook the pancakes in the griddle, and I went ahead and used organic pasture butter.  I also love butter (I’m not totally Paleo, but I do love the foundation and basics of the Paleo philosophy), so I used that for “greasing” the pan, and also put it on top of my pancakes with the maple syrup when they are done.

Anyway, check out The Paleo Kitchen, and enjoy the beautiful photography and delicious recipes.

Definitely make sure the Fluffy Blueberry Pancakes are at the top of your list to try first!