Dr. Charles Majors on Cancer

By Nancy Smorch

As we’ve mentioned a couple of times already, last week was the Natural Cures Movement Webinar that was hosted by Dr. Josh Axe.  Dr. Axe’s conversation with Dr. Charles Majors was one of the discussions that I wanted to bring to your attention.

At 39, Dr. Majors was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer (tumors in his brain) that had metastasized from his bone marrow.  He chose to take an alternative route to address his cancer.  This talk was about that journey.  He wasn’t expected to live through the surgery where they discovered his malignant tumors.  Happily, he’s been cancer free for 4 years now!

Dr. Majors big discussion is that cancer doesn’t make you sick, it’s your sickness over time that causes cancer.  So, if you just get rid of the cancer, even if it’s naturally, if  you don’t heal your body and take care of what caused it in the first place, you’re still sick, and you have a higher chance that it will come back.

So the first step in dealing with cancer, according to Dr. Majors, is not to kill the cancer, but to stop making the cancer.  Something caused what were once normal cells to start making cancer cells, so you need to stop making these cancer cells.

He talks about how cancer is merely your body’s way of trying to survive.  If  you damage something in the body over and over and over again (much like many people do with their diet, their lifestyle, stress, toxins), it’s going to find a way to protect itself.  He used the example of calluses.  If you damaged the skin on the palm of your hand over and over again, the cells are going to adapt to survive, and produce a callus.  It’s a similar scenario with cancer.

So the key is to figure out what caused the normally healthy cells to produce cancerous cells in the first place, and focus on healing that.

His three step approach to dealing with cancer is:

  1. Stop making cancer by getting to the cause - what started it?
  2. Safely and specifically kill the cancer (have to make sure you’ve stopped making cancer also)
  3. Rebuild the immune system.  With a strong immune system, if cancer shows up, it will keep it from getting out of control

I loved his discussion with Dr. Axe, as he got into some more specifics on diet - eliminating sugars and bad fats and adding in smoothies with lots of fresh veggies, nutrients, and healthy fats.  He gets into much more detail in his book, “The Cancer Killers," than I can go into here, but I would highly recommend that it be in everyone’s tool box - especially as a preventative measure on staying healthy and avoiding multiple diseases.

Here’s an excerpt from Dr. Major’s Facebook page - to just give you a taste of the discussion going on his way:

“"Dr. Majors my husband was just diagnosed with cancer and we are devastated...help?"

The most powerful step after someone is diagnosed with cancer is change your mentality from being a Victim to being a Victor...

MINDSET is the #1 step in preventing cancer, and reversing cancer immediately after being diagnosed!

The state of your mind after diagnosis is why someone can go around for years with a tumor doing great and then gets diagnosed in stage 4 and dies in 6 months! The word "cancer" is one of the most frightening words you will ever hear and when someone is diagnosed- FEAR, WORRY and ANGER set in destroying the immune system.

Psychoneuroimmunology - which is the study of the interaction between psychological processes and the nervous and immune systems of the human body. The power of your mind beats any drug or nutrient to raise the immune system or depress the immune system!

1 minute of anger depresses the immune system for 6 hours and just minutes of laughter raises the immune system for 24 hours!

Studies have shown that people who laugh while watching a comedy had an increase in the dilation of blood vessels by one fifth and the benefits can last up to 24 hours.

Laughter has shown to increase the levels of salivary Immunoglobulin A (IgA), an important antibody which helps to fight various infections, especially those of the respiratory ones (you know nasty they are). Also your defensive cells like white blood cells or lymphocytes, B cells and T cells respond positively to laughter.

Next - what is their mindset like about the treatment they choose-if they think conventional or natural may not work, this affects the way their treatment works. Or if they think chemotherapy and radiation is poison and will KILL THEM then there is a higher chance- it will!

So your state of mind after diagnosis and before the plan of treatment you decide is crucial!

There are people who do chemotherapy and live (may not be as many but there are some) and there are people who do natural and live and there are people who do either and DIE! The key is what your mindset is like before you go into whatever treatment you decide- when Im working with a child (who has to do chemotherapy) or an adult who chooses to do chemotherapy- I go over the any benefits it has (it has capability of killing fast rapidly growing cells), I teach them how to visualize the chemotherapy killing the cancer, I teach them that when they feel that burning pain going through their veins, thats because its so powerful and can kill your cancer! So if one of my pts decides to do chemotherapy/radiation I have to get their body prepared, get their detoxification pathways working at 100%, get their mind prepared and then they follow all the protocols to Maximize the benefits and minimize the side effects of chemotherapy…"

Definitely check him out on Facebook, on his website Be a Cancer Killer, and through his book “The Cancer Killers," and pass his information on to anyone you know facing cancer!