This is my Concern With Introducing Genetically Engineered Salmon into the Food System

By Nancy Smorch

Scan the information in the link below to see one of the reasons I'm concerned about approving genetically engineered Salmon.  

Aside from the obvious concerns about potential health risks from consumption of a genetically engineered fish, there's the concern that, because they are a fast-growing fish (this is what they were aiming for), that they will invade the food supply of native fish.  

Even though the salmon are supposed to be sterile, according to the ABC News article, up to 5% of the female fish could still be fertile.  GE salmon proponents still are not concerned about this, as they claim they will not escape from the man made farms (in Panama) where they will be harvested.... in taking a look at the link below about the invasion of Asian Carp, you can see how well that worked.  

Asian Carp were imported into the U.S. in the 1970's to filter pond water in fish farms in Arkansas, according the the information in the link below from the National Wildlife Federation.  Flooding allowed them to escape, and now they are on the verge of invading the Great Lakes.  Much like the GE Salmon, they grow extremely fast, and they eat a lot, so the concern is that they will diminish the food sources for the naturally occurring water life.  On top of that, the Asian Carp have no known North American natural predators.  

This brings up another concern about the GE salmon - aside from the potential side effects on human consumption, what about the potential risks to the salmons' predators?  In my opinion, the risk is not worth it.  

Here's the link. What are your thoughts?