Food Inc. - One of the Most Important Films of our Lifetime

By Nancy Smorch

I had caught bits and pieces of the movie, "Food, Inc.," but hadn’t seen the entire documentary.  I figured I knew most of the information that would be in the movie, and I knew there would be disturbing images, and just didn’t feel up to watching the whole thing.  Well, I finally sat down to watch it in it’s entirety yesterday, and I have to say that it is such an important film, that everyone in our country needs to watch it.  It was quite an experience for me.  I took copious notes and broke down in tears many times. 

But the thing that I reminded myself of, and the movie does a great job of reminding the viewers as well, is that we, as consumers, have the power to make a difference.  In order to do this, we need to be educated - we need to be aware of the atrocities that exist in our food system and what we can do as individuals to change the situation.

Please take the time to watch both the documentary (you can download it from iTunes), and then watch the interview with the director, Robert Kenner.  And then share what you’ve learned with those around you, and continue to explore the topics they discuss.

Remember, changing the system needs to come from a grass roots approach.  We cannot rely on others to do what is best for us - we need to assume that responsibility and act on it.  We need to take back our power.  We need to ask questions.  We need to demand healthy food.  We need to demand that the truth be told.  And, we need to educate ourselves.   We need to value our own health and that of our family’s enough to raise our standards of the food we allow to be grown on this planet and that we allow into our lives.  We deserve better!

You can learn more about the film here.