The Local Epicurean - Grand Rapids, MI


By Nancy Smorch

My husband and I recently paid a visit to The Local Epicurean in Grand Rapids, Michigan, that I mentioned in an earlier blog.  I immediately fell even more in love with the place!  By looking at the pictures, you can see why.  They did an amazing job decorating the place and displaying all of their products.  

I could see the kitchen in the back where they make all of their pasta - a ton of wooden pasta drying racks were spread throughout with pasta hanging everywhere!  We found out that we can custom order a gluten-free lasagna and they make their own pesto sauce with it.  I just placed an order for that as well as some gluten-free butternut squash and sage pasta, and gluten-free rosemary and organic olive oil pasta.  Can't wait to try them.  

I love to eat cashew butter with cut up apples and they make their own cashew butter there, which I bought and tried.  They add some agave to it and a few other things and it is amazing!  We also picked up their homemade honey butter (they make their own butter) - that was also outstanding (I just need to find some really good gluten-free bread to put it on!).

I'm so grateful to them for having the courage to open a place in West Michigan!  The owner is really passionate about making pasta - he learned how to make pasta growing up from an Italian person that lived with his family.  There's great energy in the store, and the owner has a very calm, confident presence, which adds to the whole package.  I'll be making many trips and placing several orders with them, I'm sure, and I'd encourage you to do the same!