'Where Women Cook'


By Nancy Smorch

Have you heard of this magazine?

“Where Women Cook” is one of the places I go consistently for inspiration - not only for recipes, but for beautiful staging of food, and stories about women and the role food has played in their lives.  Sometimes these women have started businesses around food and sometimes there may be no business, but simply passion for food.

I especially love reading the stories of how women have turned this love into a business - how they have found a niche market, and had the vision and faith to follow their dreams by opening their own business.

The magazine covers all kinds of food, too - from down-home Southern cooking, to pastries, to specialty foods, like Heilala Vanilla, a company owned by a New Zealand family that has nurtured a piece of land in Tonga, which now hosts a vanilla plantation.

In this month’s issue, I particularly resonate with the article on Robin Brown of Magnolia Pearl clothing.  She tells how she has all of the certifications of a raw chef and has studied at the Hippocrates Institute in Florida and how her husband’s health drastically improved after switching to a vegan lifestyle (he had previously suffered a lifetime of asthma and allergies).

She has a vision of opening an organic soup kitchen for the homeless, in the future.  She strongly believes that food not only nourishes our bodies, but also our souls and our creativity, and that food is great medicine.  She and her husband are currently renovating an old German farmhouse in the hill country of Texas - I love the pictures they’ve included of that as well.


It seems each story reveals what role food played in these women’s lives  - especially when they were young, and the journey each of them has taken with food that has brought them to where they are today.  It reminds us all of the important role food plays in our lives - it’s not just for nutrition.  It strengthens connections we all have to other people in some way - whether it’s family, friends, our community, our past, or people on the other side of the world.

Maybe that’s what draws me to this magazine - life is a series of stories and I love stories that combine people, passion, and food!

Next time you are in the bookstore, ask if they carry “Where Women Cook”, and let me know if you are drawn in as well!