'Ripe Cookbook' by Cheryl Sternman Rule, with Photography by Paulette Phlipot


By Nancy Smorch

This recommendation comes to you just in time for farmers market season and all of the fresh, RIPE, produce that accompanies it.

This beautifully photographed book is divided into simple recipes and ideas for fruits and vegetables based on their color.

For example, in the "Green" section, you'll find beautiful pictures of green fruits and vegetables in alphabetical order, each with a full recipe for that particular fruit or vegetable and 3 simple uses for them.  Take avocados.  You'll find one full recipe for avocados:  Avocado Tangerine Salsa, and then 3 "Simple Uses for Avocados", one of which is to simply take an avocado half and fill the cavity with olive oil, lime juice and coarse sea salt.

In the "Orange" section, you'll find "Red Curry Glazed Butternut Squash with Coconut Rice", as the main recipe, along with "3 Simple Uses for Butternut Squash" - one of which is to simply toss penne pasta, squash, brown butter, sage, and breadcrumbs.

I love it!  Can you tell by all of the sticky notes hanging out of the sides in the picture?

What's my favorite recipe in the book, you wonder?  Thank you for asking!

It's actually the Rhubarb Cherry Mini Crisps on p. 56.  These individual sized "crisps" are perfect all summer long - I just change out the fruit with the season.  Of course I modified the recipe a bit and used rice flour instead of regular flour and used blueberries and cherries the first time I tried it (because rhubarb was out of season)...

But guess what is in season now?  Looks like I may be making this for dessert tomorrow night with actual rhubarb.  Thanks for the suggestion ;).

Here's the website for the "Ripe" cookbook - and don't you LOVE the new book trailers?  Check out "Ripe's" book trailer and if you are looking for a gift for a foodie graduate, a wedding or shower gift, or simply a gift for a special person, consider this mouthwatering book.  Simply put - a work of art, in and out of the kitchen!