It’s Garden Time!


By Nancy Smorch

I’m so excited!  My plants for the garden arrived this past weekend from organic Cinzori Farms, here in Michigan.  I’ve got some new plants this year, like chocolate mint.  I remember Mike and I saw this at a restaurant’s herb garden a couple of years ago in California and I thought it was so cool!

I’ve also got some white eggplant this year in addition to the usual purple.  More strawberry plants too, as I'm trying to gradually expand my strawberry patch.


Also, I wanted to give you an update on the seeds I planted in the egg cartons.  Quite honestly, I wasn’t sure they were going to work out at first.  The soil dried out so quickly and nothing was coming up for a while, but not to worry.  They are sprouting nicely.  I will have lots of nice lettuce in the raised beds by the house.


Monday I was on a mission to complete all of the weeding in the raised beds in under 30 minutes so I could be ready for my plants and seeds.  With some extreme focus and speed, I think it was more like 45 minutes, but I did it.  I was surprised to see these guys - onions from last year!  I love onions, so these were a welcome surprise.  It also looked like I had some sort of squash growing from a squash or pumpkin that was left outside until this spring.  I can’t remember what it looked like, so it should be fun to see what comes up there.


I posted a little note on Facebook about how each year I always wished I had planted fruit trees on our property years ago when we built the house - we would be enjoying fruit from them by now.  So, I never got around to planting them, thinking it was too late.  Well, two years ago, I finally started a little fruit orchard at our house.  We’ve lost quite a few of the trees over the last couple of years - some to deer, some to the fact that the soil they were planted in the first year was quite sandy, and I think this past winter was just a little too hard on a couple of them.  I replant a few new ones each year and last year I moved them to a spot on our property with better soil.  We’re making progress.  I love looking out and seeing them mature.

Did I ever tell you how much I love this time of year in West Michigan?

What have you planted so far in your garden?