Family and Food


By Nancy Smorch

Just a quick post tonight, as I'm visiting with family that are in town for my niece's wedding this weekend.  The picture is just a "teaser" for Monday's recipe when I'll share Frankie's latest creation - a new twist on Tamago Sushi... but the rest of the post is more about food and family.

Getting together with friends and family usually involves food.  Cooking and sharing the food experience is a great way to connect and share time together.  Seeing my relatives, whom I hadn't seen in quite a while, reminded me of when we were young and we used to gather at my grandma and grandpa's house for the holidays.  My grandma used to make the best apple pie in the world!  She would warm it in the oven, cut me a slice and put some vanilla ice cream on top.  I didn't quite know at the time just how good it was.  I mean, yes, it was good and I thoroughly enjoyed it, but it wasn't until years later when I would order apple pies at restaurants for dessert, expecting them to be like my grandma's, that I realized what a treasure her apple pie really was.

When I think of apple pie, it takes me back to those days - everyone getting together, my uncle playing the accordion, all of us doing the "Virgina Reel," games of pinochle, and home cooked meals.  I miss those days.  Now everyone is scattered all around the country and I don't see them very often.  It's been great reconnecting with them tonight and I look forward to visiting more with them tomorrow at the wedding.

All of this to say, maybe think about cooking a meal for family and friends this weekend, or sometime soon.  Slow down and enjoy their company and be present with them.  You'll be creating positive memories and you never know the extent to which your cooking could impact someone's life - especially if it's a healthy, great tasting meal, with great quality ingredients, made with love!

What's your favorite food that your family makes when you get together?