Dr. Mark Hyman

By Nancy Smorch

Well, I was supposed to be in New York this weekend at an Institute for Integrative Nutrition conference.  But instead I'm being a tourist in West Michigan.

My flight was to leave earlier this morning into Newark, but I had one delay after another.  Three trips to the airport, ready to check in, only to find out we were delayed - again - and then one final trip to the airport only to find we had missed our flight (7 hours later), and Mike and I decided to stay in Grand Rapids and enjoy the food scene here.

No, it's not New York, but it's still pretty nice.

I am bummed that I didn't make the conference.  It would have been nice to plug in to all of the great energy and ideas buzzing around at the event.  And I was really excited to see some of the speakers.  Tomorrow morning, Dr. Mark Hyman is speaking.  If you haven't heard of him, check out his video above.  He is a huge advocate of looking at your overall lifestyle, including your diet, to create optimal health.

He talks about Functional Medicine, which I have started explaining to friends and family.  This is where the physician looks at what is causing the symptoms - what is out of balance, and helps the body get back into balance so it can heal itself.  So rather than treating the symptoms, they determine what is the underlying cause of the symptoms, and help heal that.

The above video gives a brief overview of Dr. Hyman.  You can go to his website to read more of his work and watch more of his videos.  He talks a lot about "diabesity", as he calls it - the obesity epidemic and diabetes and what we can do to reverse this trend.  I really love his work and his overall philosophy - pretty sure you will too.

Fortunately I'll be able to watch the Integrative Nutrition via livestream.  It won't quite be the same, but it's the next best thing.  I love to learn, so this will be perfect for me.  If you like to learn as well, check out Dr. Hyman's work and let me know what you think.