Dave Asprey and Dr. Terry Wahls

By Nancy Smorch

I can’t believe I didn’t know that Dave Asprey, the Bulletproof Executive, interviewed Dr. Terry Wahls for one of his Podcasts!  Seriously, how did I not know this?

As you may recall, I recently posted Dr. Terry Wahls TEDx Talk about how she “came back” from Multiple Sclerosis - going from being wheelchair bound to biking 18 miles - through nutrition and functional medicine.  I can’t get enough of her information, because even if you aren’t suffering from MS, there are a number of other degenerative diseases and conditions that can be improved upon... but not by the strategies typically used.

I love how she gets into the science behind what she has done - not just making recommendations because it worked for her, but really explaining the “why" behind her findings. My mind always goes to the “why," so I eat this kind of stuff up!

In addition to discussions about coming back from degenerative issues, Dr. Wahls and Dave Asprey talk about other aspects of health, biohacking, and anti-aging.  It's all really fascinating.  Thank you Dave for interviewing her and having such an engaging exchange!

Apparently, Dave had two previous Podcasts with Dr. Wahls as well, which you can check out here and here.

You know how you feel when you look in the pocket of some jeans or a coat you haven’t worn in a while, and you find $20 (or more, if you're lucky)?  Well, multiply that feeling by at least 100 and that’s how I feel about finding these Podcasts.  I know, I’m kind of geeky that way, but we have to appreciate the little things, right?

Today is definitely an exciting hump day for me!