The Herbal Academy of New England's Quick Jam


By Nancy Smorch

Over the weekend I saw this post on Facebook from the Herbal Academy  of New England.  I do love jams and jellies, so this simple, healthier version that you can make in the middle of winter intrigued me.

I decided to try it out for myself today, and I was pleasantly surprised.  This recipe has no sugar in it, and although it’s not nearly as sweet as the jam I make in the summer (which is loaded with sugar!), it still tastes good - just a different kind of good.  So long as you go into it not expecting it to taste like “regular” jam, it’s really enjoyable!

As I was making it, it was turning out really - thicker than I thought it was going to be, and it was cold due to the frozen berries I used, so it actually reminded me of a sorbet.  Lindsey and Frankie tried it and they agreed that we could easily eat it as a frozen dessert.  So this has a couple of uses!

In the recipe from the link above, you’ll notice that it has 3 different options for making the jam.  I chose to go with Option #2.

But here’s how I changed it:

I used 1 10-oz. bag of mixed organic frozen berries.  The next time I make it, I think I will go with straight strawberries.  I think I’ll like the consistency of strawberries better.

I also only used 1 Tbsp. chia seeds instead of 2 Tbsp., as I was a little hesitant to put them in the jam in the first place (I think 2 Tbsp. would have been just fine).

I also added the 2 Tbsp. honey along with 2 Tbsp. maple syrup.  Just having the 2 Tbsp. honey wasn’t enough for me and I thought the maple syrup would give it more of a sweet “kick," and it did!


I didn’t think this would work for toast, but Frankie really wanted to test it out, and she said she actually liked it.  We had a hit!  So, of course, I had to try it as well, and it was really good.  And SO easy!  Missy, our dog, even loved it.  I took her outside to run around and she wouldn’t leave my side until I gave her some toast with the jam... then she still wouldn’t leave my side until she knew I didn’t have any more. 

So, all around, I think this recipe is a keeper!  A success with the entire family.