Taza Chocolate


By Nancy Smorch

Shortly after becoming a honey connoisseur, I decided to have some fun with chocolate.  It all started years ago when I started reading about the health benefits of dark chocolate and raw cacao.  Over the years I have tried a ton of organic chocolate bars, and I have to say that Taza is one of my favorites!

Whenever another "foodie" comes over I always offer some Taza chocolate and watch to see their reaction.  It has a totally different "mouth feel." It is a Mexican style stone ground chocolate and that pretty much sums up it's flavor and texture.  It's unlike any other chocolate - I absolutely love it - Salt & Pepper flavor is my absolute favorite!

Check out Taza's story here!

And, if you are looking for a after Thanksgiving dessert, or a dessert for anytime, you have to try Taza Chocolates - and then let me know what you think!