Mexican Haystacks Discovered on Pinterest


By Nancy Smorch

Gotta love Pinterest!  I still love checking it out every now and then when I need some inspiration (or Pinspiration, as they say).  A couple of days ago I saw this recipe for Mexican Haystacks and they looked so pretty, I thought I would try them.  I looked over the ingredients and they looked pretty basic, like a variation of recipes I’ve tried before, but when I put it all together and made it last night (with a couple of tweaks, of course), they were amazing - and a HUGE hit with my family.

I have to pause for a moment and make a note about the quality of ingredients that go into this recipe (and every recipe, for that matter).  The beef I chose to use for this recipe came from a wonderful little restaurant down the road from us, The Blue Wagyu.  They sell the Wagyu beef that they breed and raise (Artisan Cattle), and I have to say, it is the best beef I have ever had!  Blue Wagyu has recently gone through some changes and they’ve expanded their burger menu since last year.  The first time we went in there this season and tried a burger, I couldn’t believe how good it was - crazy good!  So, I thought I would buy some of their beef to grill on Mike’s new Big Green Egg grill that I got him for Christmas, and to use in the Mexican Haystack recipe.

And, I think it’s the beef that made this recipe really stand out!  I can’t stress enough, how important good quality ingredients are in any recipe!  And when you are talking about an ingredient that has the potential to be as full of drugs and other toxins, such as meat, it’s even more important.

Back to the recipe.  I made a couple of changes:

I used organic Wagyu beef instead of ground turkey.

I used 3 cloves of fresh garlic as opposed to garlic powder.

I served the salsa on the side rather than mixing it with the brown rice (by the way, I used brown rice rather than white rice).

I chopped up some lettuce and mixed it with a little lemon juice and sea salt to add as the final topping.

To make the circle shape that is shown in the picture, I fortunately had a mini cheesecake pan, so I scooped some brown rice into it, pressed it with the back of a spoon, to pack it together, then flipped it over, and removed the pan - easy!

Give a try and have fun with it.  It’s really easy, and my family is still talking about it today!

You can check out the original recipe here.  Enjoy!