Is GMO Wheat Hiding in Our Food Supply?

By Nancy Smorch

I know you may be inundated with information on GMOs (or maybe not?), but here’s another interesting bit of information that totally blows my mind!  Is there no end to the deception? 

To further explore this new information, check out this link from the Food Babe’s website, which goes into a little more detail about the GMO wheat allegedly in the Kraft Macaroni and Cheese exported from the U.S. to the U.K.

Action we can all take includes refusing to buy products made by Kraft - again, let your dollars do the voting!

What was really interesting to me was the list of companies that are Kraft Brands - I had no idea so many other innocent-looking products were produced by Kraft, like Back To Nature (I used to buy their crackers all the time), Boca, and Good Seasons... just to name a few.

I know there are many theories behind the huge problem we are having with gluten.  There are a number of contributing factors to the difficulty many people are having digesting gluten.  Could the possibility of genetically modified wheat creeping into our food supply (illegally, I might add - it’s not approved for growth in the U.S.), also be a contributing factor to such high rates of gluten intolerance?

I trust the truth will revealed, but, until then, continue to educate yourself and continue to dig deep.

Ask the tough questions, follow up on answers, and demand better food for yourself and your families!