'Ingredients Hawai’i,' The Movie

By Nancy Smorch

With my subscription to Food Matters TV, I’m trying to make a point of checking out what films they have to watch for inspiration and education.

The short film I chose this week is “Ingredients Hawai’i.”  It’s only a 30-minute film about the Big Island of Hawaii and how it is reclaiming its food supply.

It was surprising for me to hear how, despite the fertile land on Hawaii, the island imports nearly 90% of its food.  Not so surprising, (for me anyway) was that, like the rest of the country, it’s obesity rate was skyrocketing.

This film showcases some of the islands’ natives and how they are getting creative and how they are on a mission to shift the way people look at food.  They are growing organically, growing in the schools, growing on the rooftops, and infiltrating their influence in communities that may not initially be looking for their food, but that need their food the most.

The result is a beautiful grass roots movement that is taking place and reigniting the passion and reclaiming the health of the Big Island.

Check it out for your own inspiration!