Geneen Roth on Women, Food, and God

By Nancy Smorch

I was introduced to Geneen Roth's work through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. She talks about the connection between food and emotions. Having lost and gained over 1,000 pounds over her lifetime, she has a little experience in this area.

I loved her insights and I know many of them will resonate with you as well. I wish you could listen to her lecture at the Institute because it was amazing. I so wanted to share it with you, but in lieu of that, since I'm unable to, here is a short clip of an interview with Geneen that can give you a glimpse of her work.

Watch the video and if her work intrigues you, you can read one of her many books or you can dive into her work more deeply at one of her workshops or on-line courses.

With such an abundance of food in this country (and so little of it healthy options), for many, food has become an "emotional tool." Through her work, Geneen has helped thousands of people transform their relationship with food, and has helped them return to a more natural way of eating. I love it!