Food Rules by Catherine Shanahan, MD


By Nancy Smorch

The other day, the Bulletproof Executive posted on his Facebook page, an article about the dire state of nutrition (and health) in the NBA.  I was glued to the words on the page of that article, and was thrilled to hear of the transformation that the players on the Lakers experienced!

Dr. Cate Shanahan and her husband, Luke Shanahan, met with the Lakers and helped open their eyes to a new way of eating, and the results spoke for themselves.

They helped turn around the Lakers' eating patterns from what "Dr. Cate" referred to as a diet that was "worse than pet food" to a diet that consisted of only humanely raised, grass-fed, no antibiotics beef, wild-caught fish, and other meat that is humanely raised without hormones and antibiotics.  They eat healthy fats.  They cut out the fast foods, junk food, the sugars, the fried foods.

Now Whole Foods caters all of the Lakers chartered flights and road trips.  And player's snacks have gone from chicken nuggets to kale chips or apples and almond butter.

And, their pre-game drink of choice?  Bulletproof coffee!

I'll keep you in suspense about the rest of the article - check it out and see for yourself the Lakers' new eating regimen, and how it helped their health and performance.

And, if you want more, check out Catherine Shanahan's book, "Food Rules, A Doctor's guide to Healthy Eating."  I just bought it, and it's filled with great advice about food.  So far, this book would be my first book of choice I would give to people who are looking to improve their health and are looking for guidance on how to do that through food.  Dr. Shanahan talks of food as medicine - I love it!

The movement is gaining momentum!