Food Matters TV

By Nancy Smorch

I am SOOO excited about this new discovery - well, it’s new to me, anyway!

Thank you to Nick Ornter, from the Tapping Solution, for letting me know about it. It’s called FMTV, and for a minimal cost ($7.95/month or $79/year), you have access to all sorts of films and documentaries in the areas of inspiration, health and wellness, food and nutrition, detox and weight loss, vegetarian and vegan, green living and permaculture, pregnancy and birth, GMOs and agribusiness, Big Pharma and psychiatry, mind and body, cancer, heart disease, obesity and diabetes, and finally, depression and mental health!

Plus, I now have access to all kind of new healthy recipes - smoothies, juices, teas, snacks, main meals, and more!

When I explored further, I found extended interviews with people I love, like Kris Carr ("Crazy, Sexy, Diet"), Charlotte Gerson ("Gerson Therapy"), and David Wolfe (a raw foods and superfoods expert), to name a few. And, there’s a section for exercise featuring yoga and Foundation Training videos, along with “Hungry For Change Mastery," which is an expansion of the well-known (and well-loved) “Hungry for Change."

Did I tell you how excited I am? I don’t know where to begin!

As I scan the available films, I see a ton I want to watch, but I think I’ll put on the top of my list “Spontaneous Evolution” with Bruce Lipton, Ph.D.

I didn’t even know he had this film out - he wrote one of my favorite books, "The Biology of Belief," and was talking about the science behind how your thoughts and beliefs can turn on and off your genes, years before others started talking about it.

“Ingredients” will probably be my next film. Watch the trailer here. It’s about the grass roots movement back to local farming and knowing where your food comes from. It will be very inspiring especially for me and the orchard :)

Then I will probably watch “Feed Your Head." I hadn’t even heard of this one before, but here’s the trailer for it:

It talks about mental illness and its relation to food and nutrition. As you can see, I’m pretty geeked about this (heavy on the “geek”), and I just wanted to share this great resource with all of you.

Check it out and see for yourself - even if it’s only for a couple of months - it’s a heck of a lot cheaper than going to college, and I bet you’ll get a lot more out of it!