Cold Season? Bring it!


By Nancy Smorch

I thought I was able to avoid the cold that Mike (my husband) caught at the Michigan vs. Michigan State football game a couple of weekends ago, but unfortunately, it caught up with me.

Game day started out as a sunny Saturday morning, although rather chilly.  But by 3:30, it was cold and raining! Our friends we drove up with, fortunately, had a motorhome for the tailgate, but the motorhome wasn’t much help inside the stadium!

Although we had winter jackets, hats, boots, and gloves, we neglected to plan for rain. Fortunately, the MSU student bookstore had some waterproof jackets which Mike decided to buy before we went in to the game - and thank goodness he did! Halfway through it was raining so hard I had water dripping off my nose (and everywhere else).

But that didn’t stop us from cheering the MSU Spartans on. This particular game is always a fun one - and this year was no exception. Almost everyone we tailgated with were University of Michigan Wolverine fans and they were so confident they were going to beat the Spartans. But it just wasn’t their day (actually, it hasn’t really been their year!).

Although our friends left the game early to go back to the warmth of the motorhome, I couldn’t leave. It was a great game and I was having too much fun!

Well, I thought I was perfectly fine. I had made some Superfood Hot Chocolate to share with the rest of the tailgaters, and made sure I had some apples and almond butter to snack on (along with other snacks you would expect someone as food-conscious as myself to have). But Monday morning came, and Mike started sneezing and feeling a bit run down.

Fortunately it didn’t last long for him. I had put some essential oils on him and made sure he took some essential oils in capsules. Dinners that week consisted of fall foods in alignment with the season. By Thursday he was fine.

We left for California on Friday to visit Mike’s relatives in San Clemente, and then to Murrieta, just north of Temecula, for a “Spiritual” retreat, and then to Santa Barbara for a day of just hanging out.

I thought I planned my food rather well, but apparently between not eating enough and a lack of sleep, I was run down and by Sunday, I had unintentionally accepted Mike’s “gift” of his cold!

We arrived back home in Michigan late Tuesday night... to some REALLY cold weather, I might add!  Where did all of the leaves go?  And what was this 30-degree windy weather all about?

I knew, that after a little extra sleep that night, I would wake up and be extra aware of what food I was preparing for myself (and my family, as Lindsey had also caught Mike’s cold).

So what do we eat when feeling run down with a cold?  Well, the first thing, I have to admit, is a recommendation from Frankie, our younger daughter.

Frankie swears by drinking hot water with lemon juice (from half, to a whole, lemon) and raw honey. I was all over that - I drank that at least twice a day.

Wednesday morning I was looking forward to eating a couple of local organic eggs (we didn’t get to enjoy those on our trip) along with some polenta.

Recalling one of the lectures from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) that I listened to on our trip (and the one that inspired Monday’s post), I decided to make a big pot of brown rice. Brown rice isn’t stripped of all it’s nutrients like white rice is, so that night I made brown rice with butternut squash, onions, potatoes, brussels sprouts, broccoli and kale along with a touch of maple syrup, sea salt and butter for extra flavor. It was so good and warming!

I made sure I had some fresh fruits and vegetables. A trip to our local Meijer store took care of that - I brought home a ton of fresh stuff to snack on and use in my cooking.

My snacks during the day consisted of oranges, “fried" rice with veggies, apples and almond butter, plenty of good fats like coconut oil, organic butter, and olive oil, and some whole grains like oatmeal combined with nuts and dried fruit, among other nutrient-oriented foods.

I also made the Superfoods Hot Chocolate every night for dessert, got some good sleep, and, of course, used some essential oils. I had Mike put some on along my spine and then “marinated” with a hot towel (oregano, thyme, basil, marjoram, wintergreen, cypress, and peppermint).  I also took some oils in a capsule (frankincense, lemon, lavender, and a blend called Thieves).

Even though we came home to cold temperatures and high winds (the kind that take your breath away), and despite the fact that my hands were numb after letting the horses out of their stalls and feeding them in the morning, I am about 98% healed!

It is so incredibly valuable to have the knowledge of food, oils, and overall natural health - especially at times like this!

Mike asked me if I wanted to fly to Nebraska to watch the Michigan State vs. Nebraska football game tomorrow.  Hmmmm.... I think rather than getting on another plane, I’ll sit this one out and watch from the comfort of our couch.

Oh, the final score of the football game?  Michigan State Spartans 29 - University of Michigan Wolverines 6.

Sorry “Big Brother”!

Have an amazing weekend, everyone, and stay well!