Chef Dan Barber’s TED Talk on Fish Farming

By Nancy Smorch

This Ted Talk was extremely inspiring to me on many levels.

First, was Chef Dan Barber’s amazing passion for the highest quality and best tasting food.  I would love to someday experience a meal prepared by him where so much passion and love for food goes into the creation and preparation.

Second, I was blown away by the long term vision and trust in nature that the man he visited in southern Spain possessed.  He was a “fish farmer."  He turned thousands of acres that had been ecologically destroyed by Argentinian cattle farmers into a thriving ecosystem that produced this fish that Dan Barber fell in love with, and that prompted this whole Ted Talk.

Third, his talk put a few things in perspective and beautifully illustrated the shift in thinking we must have in order to produce delicious food AND feed the world.

He summed up his learning experience with this farmer by stating that we can’t look to the current agribusiness model to feed the world - it’s old and it’s tired.  It’s a system that is high in capital, chemistry, and machines, and never really produced anything good to eat.

Instead, he says, let’s look at the ecological model - a model that has been around and proven itself for 2 billion years.  A model that has been proven to work, as illustrated by this amazing farmer and the beautifully balanced ecosystem he created.

I will leave the rest of his story for you to watch in this video.  Watch it and see for yourself if you don’t walk away inspired by the possibilities for the future of all kinds of farming.