Bubbie’s Pickles - A Great Fermented Food Option


By Nancy Smorch

With all the talk lately about fermented foods and how they are a great way to increase the health of your gut, I’ve honestly been struggling with how to incorporate more fermented foods into my own diet.  

Truth be told, any time I think of fermented foods, the thought of them just doesn’t excite me, and the few that I have tried have tasted nasty.  I do like kombucha, but as far as fermented vegetables, sauerkraut, or kimchi goes, I’m not a big fan - and I’m pretty sure I’m not alone on this one.

Then, the other day, Mike and I went to South Florida to visit some friends and they started talking about how they were on a pickle kick and absolutely loved them, and how great they were for gut health.  I had forgotten that pickles count as fermented food.  I think in my search for a tasty option, I was thinking it had to be something I wasn’t used to eating.  But when our friends started talking about pickles, I got really excited because I thought this is something I could actually eat and be happy with!

They had recommended a couple of brands they loved, so I looked into them:  Real Pickles and Bubbie’s.

Real Pickles are raw, fermented and organic.  This brand was their favorite, but there was one big challenge - they are only sold on the East coast of the U.S., and they don’t ship outside of that region either.  So for now, I can’t comment on them.

Mrs. Bubbie’s, however, can be found at Whole Foods and I was happy to see that our local health food store carried them!  So I went and bought some a few days ago and I have to say they are really good.  In all honesty, the bread and butter pickles are tastier than the dill - I know, there is sugar in them, but still, they are amazing - even the girls love them.

So, anyway, I just wanted to pass this recommendation on to all of you out there who, like me, are finding it a bit more challenging to fit fermented foods into your diet - don’t forget about the good ol' pickle!!

Oh yeah, one more thing about Bubbie’s - they are non-GMO :).

Have a happy healthy weekend!