Best Ever Roasted Chicken, via Martha Stewart and Lindsey Smorch


By Nancy Smorch

I just love Martha Stewart - she’s so awesome!  And, of course, I just love our daughter Lindsey - she’s so awesome as well!  When I asked Lindsey if she could make dinner one night last week, she turned to Martha for guidance, channeled her “inner Martha," and prepared, honestly, the best roasted chicken I have EVER had!

I couldn’t get over how good it was.  I think what is key to this recipe (and any recipe, for that matter) is using good-quality ingredients.  She used an organic chicken from a local farm, Pasture Prime (Summerfield, Florida), organic lemon, pasture butter (the last of our pasture butter for the season), locally grown onion, and organic garlic.

Check out Martha's recipe here.

The only difference is that Lindsay really loaded on the butter.  The recipe calls for 2 Tbsp. to be rubbed into the chicken, but she used more like 4 Tbsp.  Also, we didn’t have any fresh thyme on hand, but we had some dried in the pantry, so she used that instead (2 tsp.).

Also, she added about 1/2 to 1 inch of water in the roasting pan, so she didn’t need to use any of the chicken broth at the end.  The juices from the roasting along with the water were enough for a sauce/gravy for the chicken (and the potatoes she made with it).

I was amazed at how much flavor the chicken had and how tender it was.  It was a HUGE hit with all of us - except Frankie, of course, since she’s a vegetarian.  I thought we might have had her converted that night, but she stood strong (honestly, if she doesn’t cave in with all the bacon we make, and that pulled pork we made the other day, she’s never going to cave in!).

I can’t say anything more than that - other than next time, I think we will be making two whole chickens instead of one.

If you are ever looking to roast a chicken, look no further than this recipe.

Thank you, Martha!

Thank you, Lindsey!