Washington State to Vote on Nov. 5 to Label GMO Foods


By Nancy Smorch

We’re coming up on another milestone in campaign against genetically modified foods.  On November 5, 2013, voters in Washington state will have a chance to vote on Initiative I-522.

A "yes" vote on this initiative will require the labeling of foods that are genetically engineered or contain genetically engineered ingredients.

Although California’s Proposition 37 was defeated on November 2nd of last year, it was by a narrow margin. 48.59% of the vote was in favor of Prop. 37 and 51.41% against.

Since then, the American consumer’s level of awareness of GMO's has, in my opinion, increased. It has become a hot topic of debate in our country. Consumers are starting to ask a lot of questions and demanding answers!

We are way behind other countries in terms of labeling, as you can see by the map, but I’m confident it won’t be for too much longer!


If Initiative I-522 passes in Washington, it will obviously be a move in the right direction in terms of creating more awareness about GMO's, and for companies in the food industry to change their ingredients to non-GMO. Food companies are merely producing what consumers want and will pay for. If consumers start demanding foods made with non-GMO ingredients, the food companies will respond. If the food companies respond, they will need the non-GMO ingredients to make that food, and will start demanding it from the farmers. So if the farmers see a need for non-GMO crops, they will start providing them as well.

It’s a food chain, and it all starts with the consumer’s demands.

I received an e-mail today from Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Company stating that they would donate 50% of sales (until Thursday Oct. 24 at midnight) to the campaign for I-522.

So, if any of you are in the market for some seeds for next year or for some good books (might I recommend The Heirloom Life Gardener)  or  gardening supplies, place an order before Thursday at midnight at Baker Creek, and you will be contributing to a good cause and getting something tangible in return!