Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution

I can’t believe I didn’t know about this show earlier!

I have seen clips from this series in Jamie Oliver’s TED Talk, but I didn’t realize that a few years ago, he had a television show documenting his attempt to start a Food Revolution in the unhealthiest town in the world - Huntington West Virginia.

Since discovering it a couple of days ago, I’ve watched 3 episodes on YouTube, and I am hooked!

What I love about Jamie is his drive, dedication to his cause, and his strength to continue despite obstacle after obstacle.

Sometimes I take for granted the things I know about food, and I forget that there’s a huge (literally) percentage of the population that are, in my opinion, abusing themselves with food... and while some just don't care, many don't even know it!

What’s worse is they are passing on this lack of knowledge and their extremely poor eating habits to their children.

People are needlessly dying from obesity, lack of nutrients, and toxins in their bodies due to the food they eat, and Jamie is on a mission to start a revolution - a Food Revolution.

Watching his strategy unfold and his thought process, as well as how he handles difficult people and other obstacles, has been really intriguing for me. His dedication and passion is truly inspiring!