The 'Crazy Sexy Kitchen' Cookbook


By Nancy Smorch

I recently picked up "Crazy Sexy Kitchen" by Kris Carr, and I absolutely love it (pictured here with some rocks I found on our walk on the Lake Michigan shoreline this morning)!  I bought her "Crazy Sexy Diet" book a while back, and was looking forward to having more recipes from her. As you can see by all of the pieces of notebook paper sticking out of the top, I’ve marked quite a few recipes I want to try!

Kris is a best-selling author and is a huge health advocate, among many other things.  She promotes a plant-based diet and inspires people to live a life “like they mean it." Her book "Crazy Sexy Diet" is chock-full of information as well as recipes, like learning about alkalizing your body, the glycemic index, hormones, factory farms, alternative healing methods, supplements and even colonics.  It’s an amazing resource for all things healing - I highly recommend it!

Living in West Michigan, only a mile from Lake Michigan, we tend to have a lot of visitors - especially this time of year.  So, a couple of weekends ago when we had company, I pulled out Kris’ cookbook and thought I would experiment with one of her recipes for our guests.  Admittedly, I was a little nervous, never having made this particular dish before, but I looked over the ingredients, saw the picture of it, and thought it looked great, so I gave it a go.

I made her Sage Polenta (p. 221) with her Nana’s Marinara (p. 229).  I wanted to take advantage of all of the tomatoes and peppers we had in our garden (I substituted a red pepper for the serrano chile in the marinara sauce).  She recommended combining the polenta and the marinara sauce, which reminded me of a recipe I once made with polenta and eggplant in a marinara sauce, so I had a feeling it would turn out great.

And it did!  Everyone LOVED it.  Mike said it was possibly his new favorite dish, and our guests went back for seconds.  My only complaint:  I didn’t make enough! But this recipe will definitely be in the menu rotation.

Now I’m looking forward to trying some of her other recipes, like Crazy Sexy Kale (I still have a lot of kale in the garden to work with), Beetroot Ravioli with Cashew Cream Cheese, and, of course, the Chai Latte - especially as we head into the cooler fall weather.

I love it when I buy a cookbook and its recipes turn out great.  I guess I figure if I get only one good recipe from each cookbook, it’s worth it.  This one, then, is more than worth it, because I know that a bunch of the recipes will be delicious!