Tea: Know What You're Really Drinking


By Nancy Smorch

One of the things I love about my mornings is my ritual cup of tea.

At some point each morning I have at least one cup of tea.  In fact, recently, I started a new morning ritual: before I start responding to e-mails or scrambling about to get stuff done, I make a cup of tea, go on the porch if the weather is nice, sip my tea for a while, and then meditate - for a minimum of 5 minutes.  Twenty minutes is even better, but at the very least 5 minutes.

It’s something that feeds my soul, so I want to start the day out on the right track and honor that.

My absolute favorite tea is Jasmine - I love the Jasmine pearls, in particular.  I usually order Organic Jasmine Pearls from from Mountain Rose Herbs.  Of course, I’ll have a big scoop of local raw honey, and sometimes I’ll add a couple of drops of Lemon essential oil in to the honey, OR I’ll add some fresh lavender buds from our garden in to steep with the pearls.

(And yes, that’s one of our cat’s tails in the picture - she loves her mornings on the porch too!)

HOWEVER, I have recently become more particular when it comes to my tea.  I first thought about it when I went to Teavana and picked up some delicious-smelling tea.  After a few times of drinking the tea, I noticed my stomach was a little upset.  Then I looked at the ingredients and there was a bunch of “natural” and artificial flavoring in their teas.  I figured that had something to do with it (no big loss though: is it just me, or are they really pushy in that store?).

Then I started reading about how certain tea bags may have chemicals on them, and how in plastic tea bags, the particles may leach into the hot water.

THEN I started reading about how much of the tea contains high levels of pesticides!

Really??  Having a cup of tea shouldn’t be this complicated!!!

So, once again, we need to make informed choices and know what to look for.  The best way to make sure you’re drinking good quality tea is to buy organic, non-GMO, loose-leaf tea.

Check out “The Food Babe" article about tea here for a more in-depth look at “What’s Really in Your Tea."