Healthy Lunch Ideas


By Nancy Smorch

Last week I had my follow-up call with the nutritionist/kinesiologist.

There were a few areas that needed attention, and a few foods I unfortunately need to avoid for a while (hopefully not forever!) to see how eliminating them affects my body.  There were also a couple of supplements she recommended adding to help bring things back into balance.

She noticed that my lunches were the least consistent meal of the day in terms of quantity and proper nutrients, and she's right. Usually I'm running around or diving into a project around lunch, and so I tend to get distracted from eating properly during that busy time. She recommended I focus on making sure I increased the quality of my lunches.

She gave me a few ideas on how to do this, which seem simple enough.

One suggestion was just to munch some salami with gluten free crackers and butter, which surprised me. I haven’t had salami since I was a kid.  I tend to steer away from salami because I didn’t quite know what was in it.

She, however, recommended Applegate Organic Genoa Salami (gluten and dairy free), which our local health food store happened to carry, so I picked some up.


She also recommended Organic Valley’s Pasture Butter, which I already had - it’s only available seasonally, at the height of pasture season, and thus has a higher level of vitamins and healthy fats.


The next day when lunch came around, I was distracted with something, as usual, but I made sure I made time for lunch. It was really easy to prepare.

As you can see from the picture, I just took a few slices of the salami, some gluten-free crackers, butter (I am supposed to eat at least 3 Tbsp. organic butter a day - no problem with that one!), and then I cut up a couple of cucumbers and tomatoes from our garden (which were sooo good).

Surprisingly, it filled me up, and gave me plenty of energy for the rest of the afternoon.  I’m loving this new lunch and so is my husband and one of our daughters (the other is a vegetarian), so I thought I’d share the idea with you in case you come upon those days when lunch comes around and your mind goes blank.  It’s easy, quick, healthy, delicious, and satisfying!