My Health Week - When is Yours?


By Nancy Smorch

It’s officially Health Week in my house!

I have been going and going since the beginning of spring, and while I’ve been learning a lot, loving working on the farm, and having a TON of fun here in West Michigan (have I mentioned how much I love summer in West Michigan?), I realized that it may be a good time to give my body a little break.

I try to be in tune to what my body is telling me, and to listen to my instincts. With the pace I’ve set recently, my instincts are telling me that I need to slow down and take a little “me” time.

I’ve been noticing that I was experiencing an unusual amount of tension in my back and neck lately. Sometimes this happens when I’m hit with a high level of stress, or when I don’t work out regularly; however, neither is the case at this time, and I haven’t been able to work out the ache on my own.

I’ve also been feeling that my digestion is a bit off—and I know how important it is to have a digestive system working at an optimal level, for not just physical but emotional health.

It’s certainly not because I don’t eat well... but clearly something in my diet is just not working with my body. Everyone reacts to foods differently, after all.

So, this week I decided to get my health back on track. I finally called and made that massage appointment I’ve been putting off—why did I wait so long? The therapist massaged my abdomen, which actually helped quite a lot, and she recommended a hot bath with Epsom salts, which I tried. I added a little wintergreen and basil essential oils. Wonderful! A great release for all that pent-up tension, and obviously a really relaxing experience as well.

To conquer my digestive issues, I scheduled a phone consultation with a nutritionist/kinesiologist out of Colorado that a friend of mine recommended. She said that the consultations have helped her experience more energy, better moods, more regular digestion, and less bloating! I always love learning and trying new things, so I’m excited to hear what she has to say about my situation.

I decided that for Health Week, I would go all out.

It's been a while since I've had acupuncture, and I've been meaning to schedule an appointment (there's so many health benefits from acupuncture), so I finally scheduled one for Friday, which will make sure all of my channels of energy are open and flowing properly. The last time I went to my chiropractor/kinesiologist, she said my acupuncture points for my small intestine were blocked, so this will definitely be good for me. It should be quite the experience! I’ll let you guys know how it goes!

I’m a firm believer in being tuned in to the signals your body is giving you - clues - and then taking action to heal whatever is going on, especially before it gets to the point of more serious ailments. We all have so much we want to do with our lives, and why not experience the best possible health for that?

One component of health that I know many people ignore is emotional health. We live in a world where we are bombarded with tons and tons of confusing information and fear-based news and stories – and it’s coming at us with great speed and intensity. We have lost our space to just “be” - to meditate, to pray, and to silence from our minds all of the chatter.

We must allow a peacefulness to come into our lives, and allow the silence to lead us into the creative essence of who we really are.

I admit, I have a really hard time with this one, when there’s just so much I want to be doing, but I’m working on it.

Motivating me even more at the moment is Christiane Beerlandt’s book, “The Key to Self-Liberation: 1000 Diseases and their Psychological Origins.”

After reading a few sections relevant to digestion and recognizing these patterns in my own life, I knew I needed to step back, start some form of meditation, and really own who I am.

So there you have it, my Health Week. I know it seems like a lot, but think of it this way, either I pay a little bit now, or I pay a LOT more down the road (figuratively and literally).  Already I’m feeling so much better—and feeling good about nurturing myself. Let’s face it, we need to pay attention to ALL aspects of our health to be the best possible people we can be!

I challenge you to do the same—you may not be running to the nearest acupuncturist, but be sure to listen to your body, tune in to your instincts, allow time and space for stillness, and above all honor your authentic self any way that you can!