Finding Inspiration for Gardening and Food


By Nancy Smorch

I recently picked up The Heirloom Life Gardener, by the founders of Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Company, Jere and Emilee Gettle.  Now I can't wait to order my heirloom seeds and am so excited to taste the uniqueness and great taste of what they produce.  

Baker Creek sells only heirloom seeds in an attempt to preserve agricultural and culinary heritage from around the world.  All of their seeds are non-GMO, non-hybrid, non-treated, and non-patented.  I love their vision and determination to spread the word about heirloom seeds and to encourage others to grow and provide food for their families and friends.  

My challenge with Baker Creek?  How to narrow down my selection of seeds to order!!!!  A few that are definitely on the list are Chocolate Stripes Tomatoes and Bronze Beauty Lettuce.  Not only are they pieces of art in themselves, but their description leaves my mouth watering.

In the early part of their book they talk about attending Sotheby's Auction House in New York City where they are auctioning off crates of heirloom vegetables - asking price was $1,000!  Hopefully events such as this will increase public awareness of heirloom seeds and how important it is to carry on the farming of these seeds, to make sure we don't lose them to the large agricultural companies and patented seeds.  And, hopefully their book will encourage others to take the plunge into gardening these amazing vegetables, herbs, and flowers.  I have grown some of their tomato seeds, and I can say from first hand experience that they are as delicious as they are beautiful!

Peruse their website - but don't be surprised if you get lost in it for hours!