Citrus Season in Florida - The Sunshine Drink


I just drove to The Villages here in Florida to go to Fresh Market - they have such a great produce selection and it always inspires me.  Their display of citrus particularly caught my eye - it's always fun to try new varieties of citrus.  Today I picked up some Honey Tangerines.  Since I love honey, I had to pick some up.  They were pretty good - although a little dry.  Maybe it was the particular tangerine I picked out.  I will have to give them another try - but the flavor was very good.  

Here's a recipe to try that may help get you in the spirit of citrus season - and, if it's been a little cloudy and cold where you are, than this will surely spark up your day - and it's full of great nutrients!

The Sunshine Drink

In a blender (Vitamix is the best) mix the following (be sure to use organic ingredients, if possible):

2 cups orange juice (I use Uncle Matt's Organic - it's the best)

1 banana

2 large carrots (no need to peel, just clean them and cut off the ends)

Enough ice to make it the consistency you like (I use about 1 cup)

Pour and enjoy!  The brilliant orange/yellow color will automatically brighten your day!