By Nancy Smorch

I LOVE a good ice cream or gelato, but when I really looked at the ingredients of many of the ice creams and gelatos available, I sadly had to forgo eating them.  I had never paid much attention to the ingredients before going gluten free.  Then I HAD to read the ingredients and ask questions... and I found a lot of ingredients in frozen desserts that I really wasn't too excited about - the lists of ingredients were really long, had a ton of artificial colors and flavors, were sweetened with corn syrup, and had a number of ingredients I couldn't even pronounce.  I missed my frozen treats - until I came across Talenti Gelato.

First of all, I was so impressed that their ingredient list is only, on average 4 or 5 ingredients - that alone was a great sign.  Then when I noticed that a majority of them were gluten free, I was so excited - why should ice cream and gelato contain gluten anyway (unless it has cookies or cakes or some other treats added, of course)?  And, then the ones that got me really excited, is that they don't use corn syrup (which unfortunately so many frozen desserts do), and that the milk they use is hormone free.  

The results of the careful sourcing of ingredients and higher standards for technique and process are gelatos you can truly appreciate and feel good about eating.  Thank you Talenti for demanding the best for your products and for your customers!