Alice Waters and Mikhail Baryshnikov Together on Sundance Channel's "Iconoclast"

By Nancy Smorch

Although the quality of the video isn't the greatest, it gives you a tease of the rest of the show which you can buy on iTunes: Season 2, Episode 2 of Iconoclast.  It beautifully combines two of my passions:  food and dance.  But there's so much more than that going on.  

Alice Waters (chef and founder of Chez Panisse restaurant in Berkley, California, and the Edible Schoolyard Project) and Mikhail Baryshnikov (legendary dancer and founder of New York's Baryshnikov Arts Center) both talk about their inspirations and their paths to where they are today.  It was such an inspiration for me in terms of food, creativity, and community.  

Dinner and dancing, anyone?