Inspiration from Prasad Cafe in Portland – Delicious Vegan Meals

By Nancy Smorch

Today Mike and I went to an amazing cafe in Portland for the second day in a row.  It’s called Prasad Cafe, and it shares space with Yoga Pearl, a yoga and healing arts studio. Today we went in a little early for lunch and I decided to get acupuncture first.

LOVE this place!  The acupuncture was great – it was combined with some intuitive work and some Oriental medicine.  And, check out this salad that I had for lunch – the “Bliss Salad.”  It was sooo good!

This place really inspired me and gave me some great ideas for healthy and delicious snacks and meals when I get back home.  I was hoping that if I sent over the link to their menu for you all, you might get inspired to try some of the meals, juices, and smoothies as well.

A couple of the smoothies I am definitely going to try are the “Honey Green Smoothie,” which consists of strawberry, matcha, cucumber, mint, honey, and coconut milk.  Super good and super nourishing.  That was yesterday’s smoothie.

Today I had the “Tempest” which is mango, spinach, coconut oil, avocado, date, and cayenne.  Equally as good!  Both of these, as well as many of the other smoothies, are drinks I could easily make at home – although it won’t quite have the same ambiance as the Prasad Cafe. But, given that it’s a pretty long commute from Michigan to Portland, it will have to do.

The Bliss Salad which I had for lunch today was so tasty – it had this amazing lemon ginger dressing, and those curly strips you see on the top are beets – a beautiful presentation.  It also has dried currants & figs, walnuts, quinoa, carrots and mixed greens.  I could try that one at home as well – just have to figure out how they got the beets in strips like that and how to make the lemon ginger dressing… but hey, I’m always down to experiment!

Anyway, if you ever visit Portland, Oregon, check this place out.  And if you are looking for some fresh ideas for juices, smoothies, and vegan snacks and meals,check out their menu, and see if you can’t help but be inspired!