Your Soul’s Needs

By Nancy Smorch

Last week we all went north of Muskegon, Michigan to try out a new horse for our daughter. The owner of the new horse met us at his ranch and then took us to another ranch down the road where they would be playing with some cows. His wife joined us to watch for a bit. It was the first time I had met his wife, Diane, and the brief conversation I had with her that night had such an impact on me that I felt the need to share it with everyone.

Diane stopped by to see us before she went on to her play rehearsal – she was acting in a play that was opening that week. She was sharing with us how much she loved acting and how she always made time for it. The other thing she talked about was how much she loved trail riding. They live not too far from Lake Michigan and have all sorts of trails that lead to it. They also do what’s called, the shore-to-shore trail ride which is a ride from one coast of Michigan to the other. You could feel her enthusiasm for life as she spoke, and then she shared with us the following:

The two things that her Soul needed in order to be happy were acting and riding. So she makes certain that she sets aside time to do both of those.

That comment just blew me away. First of all, that she recognized what her Soul needed in order to be happy. And second, that she honored those needs and made time to do them.

I thought to myself, how many people even take the time to recognize, not just what makes them happy or what their passions are, but what the very essence of their being needs in order to be happy? And then to actually go out and do it – no excuses, no exceptions?!! She didn’t complain about a lack of time, or that she wasn’t in a major city with large theaters for acting, or that she had to squeeze those two activities in despite how busy she was. And, she didn’t feel guilty about taking the time to honor it. She knew that those two things brought joy and life and passion to her and those around her and, no questions asked, that is what she needed to continue to do. I love that!

So, it got me thinking about what my Soul needed in order to be happy. There are lots of things I am interested in and I have a lot of passions, but what things did my core being truly need? Well, of course, I couldn’t limit it to two things, but I have come up with five things. These aren’t things that I would love to do someday, but they are things that I have noticed that when I don’t allow myself to take part in them, I get crabby and feel “blah” (for lack of a better word).

So, my first challenge to you here is to take the time and really think about what your Soul needs in order to be happy. Then my second challenge to you is to give yourself and the world the gift of honoring those needs. Imagine where the world would vibrate at, energetically, if we all did that!

Don’t wait – move away from the computer, get away from the “noise” of daily life, and let your heart guide you!