Wildflower Garden

By Nancy Smorch

A while ago, after our trip to Napa Valley, I wrote about the importance of long term vision and planning. Although, this example isn’t to the extent of the vineyards in California, it is still illustrates the vision and discipline needed to keep moving toward your long term goals.

I love flowers and these last couple of years I’ve toyed around with the idea of doing a flower garden or a wildflower field. So this spring, I finally pulled the trigger. I found a local place that sold wildflower seed mixes and bought a few pounds of it. I then had an area behind this antique horse carriage leveled out and cleaned up and had the seeds planted. Well, we waited, and waited… and waited, for some flowers to pop up, but all it looked like for the longest time was weeds and tall grass – no flowers. Finally, the end of July, a few flowers pop up in the field. So, I thought, well, that’s something – the birds must have ate the rest of the seeds. Then finally, the beginning of August, a few other variety of flowers started popping up! I finally had my wildflower field! I had my doubts along the way, and started questioning my decision to do this, but I stuck with it and now the antique covered wagon has a beautiful backdrop of various wildflowers – some new flowers still popping up.

I guess this is a lesson on delayed gratification. Again, we want the results of what we are doing so quickly. If it doesn’t “pay off” now, we don’t want to do it. If we can’t see the results within a couple of days or weeks or even months (or years), we don’t want to do it. Fortunately we took that trip to Napa Valley and I brought to my awareness the need for long term vision – planning for the future, doing what needs to be done, and patiently waiting. This has given me renewed enthusiasm for long term visions in other areas of my life. Now it’s time to keep the momentum going!