Thoughts on Education

By Nancy Smorch

I was recently scanning the books on our library shelves and for some reason my attention was drawn to an old homeschooling newspaper from 2006, The Link.  Going with my instincts, but not knowing what was in store, I pulled the newspaper out and decided to scan it to see what articles of interest it may hold.  Not far into the newspaper was an article written by John Taylor Gatto – The Richest Man in the World Has Some Advice for Us About College (P.S.  He didn’t take it himself). 

I always liked John Taylor Gatto’s work, so I sat down to read this article and I feel it needs to be re-published.  It’s a discussion that is highly relevant for the crossroads I feel we are facing about education today.  Please read the article, listen to your heart, and refuse to follow the herd – just because you’re told you must. 

Find what it is that you want to pursue and go pursue it, and remember there are many ways to do this.  Take charge of your life and your education – it’s becoming more and more accepted, safe, and smart to do so!