Modified Equine Raindrop Technique

By Nancy Smorch

The Raindrop Technique is a way of applying essential oils, commonly used with humans. This technique can be used on animals as well. Often, when I am helping with the healing process, I will incorporate some variation of the Raindrop.

By itself, the Raindrop Technique is excellent for increasing the immune system, detoxifying, and overall balancing, both physically and emotionally. If ind that when I incorporate it into any healing I help with, the results are greatly enhanced. What I demonstrate in this video is a modified version of the Raindrop Technique on my horse, Lakota. I use the following essential oils Valor, Oregano, Thyme, Basil, Wintergreen, Marjoram, Cypress, and Peppermint. I also use a vegetable based oil for diluting the essential oils after I apply them, as some of the oils can be “hot.” I’ve played around with essential oils and this is what I have found works for me. You may find some other variation works better for you and your horses – and that’s perfectly fine. There are classes you can take to learn the “official” way to perform the technique as well.

If I am doing the Raindrop for the overall balance of my horse, or for general health, I will do it as I have demonstrated in the video. If my horse has a specific challenge, I will tailor the technique to that specific challenge. For example, if I were to work on our Friesian, Otto, right now, I would incorporate the essential oil blend, Di-Gize, and would put it along his intestinal area as well as his spine and his frogs (the bottom of his hooves), as the vet was just out and said he could hear some sand movement in his intestinal tract (Di-Gize is great for intestinal issues). I might also put some Marjoram on his intestinal area as well. I would also put both oils on his intestinal meridian points and use the Red Light on those areas as well (but that’s another discussion).

Allow your horse to guide you – listen to him and watch his reactions. If he seems irritated, don’t continue with that oil, take a break, and let them go to an area where they can run around or move freely. Essential oils help with emotional balance as well and sometimes during this process emotions will be released and it will be helpful if they can physically move around however they feel in order to process. You’ll know when and if they are ready to continue by their expression and movement. If they come toward you with their head heigh, eyes wide, and breathing fast, they aren’t ready. If, on the other hand, they come to you relaxed, with their head down, soft eyes, and soft breathing, they are ready to continue – and actually, if they have had a bad reaction like that, that may be enough for them for one day!

If you are doing this for the first time on your horse, I would start lightly to see what type of reaction they have and see how the oils effect their skin. You can always add onto it later. And, listen to your instincts and when in doubt, muscle test. I want this to empower you – anyone can do this – have fun with it. And, remember that your intentions going into the session are extremely important, so have your intentions clear in your heart and the results will be much more likely to follow!

Finally, please know that this, in no way, should replace any advice from your veterinarian. You should always work in conjunction with your vet for the best results for your horse!