Lakota Update 3

Just wanted to update you as to Lakota’s progress.  These pictures were taken yesterday (July 21, 2010).  I am continuing with the homeopathic remedies mentioned previously, along with the essential oils.  

Lakota lost his left hind shoe, and when the farrier came to put it back on, he wouldn’t stand still for him when he was pounding the nail in.  He kept pulling away and trying to get away, which is not like him.  After many attempts, we decided to leave the shoe off – he obviously was in some sort of pain or was trying to tell us he didn’t want the shoe back on.  He took the other shoe off, and we will re-evaluate when he comes back in a couple of weeks as to whether or not to put the shoes back on.  In the meantime, I had a call with Dr. Wessner to see if Lakota needed something else – maybe he had some pain higher up in the leg.  Dr. Wessner said he was testing positive for the following remedies:  Calc. Phos., and Symphytum.  So I started him on those two remedies today and he will be on them for about 4-6 weeks.  I’ll continue to keep you posted.