Finally A Natural & Vegan Deodorant

By Nancy Smorch

I finally found a truly natural deodorant that actually works!!  I was so excited!  A good friend of ours bought some Earth Touch Deodorant one night when we were all in downtown Holland.  There’s a new store there that sells locally made stuff and natural products, Treehuggers, which we went in for the first time that night.  Meagan (our friend) picked up some of the deodorant.  I opted not to that night, as I’ve tried so many natural deodorants and none of them ever work.  Well, we’ve experienced quite a hot summer here in Michigan, and despite the 95 plus degree days and the high humidity, Meagan texted me a couple of weeks later to let me know how well it worked.  I went right in and bought one for me to try it out and she was right!  The ingredients are:  olive oil, cocoa butter, camauba wax, sodium bicarbonate, arrowroot powder, essential oils of lavender and cedar (they also have other scents available). There are no aluminum or parabens.  You can check it out here and learn more abut this and other products they’ve created.  I love it!