Essential Oils & Hospitals

By Nancy Smorch

I’ve said many times that I never go anywhere without my essential oils.  Today is no exception.  I’m at the hospital with my dad and before “packing up” for my overnight stay, I made sure I had my supply of oils along.  So, what oils did I pack and what was my thought process?  Well, it’s quite a list, but it’s definitely worth going through.  Here’s what I have:

Lemon to periodically put on my hands as a “sanitizer” and to put in my tea or take in a gel capsule (great at germ fighting).

Thieves in case I’m feeling run down – I will take some in a gel cap.  I can also put it on the bottom of my feet at night to ward off any possible infection.

Valor to put on my jaw at night before bed to help relax me after at day at the hospital.

Wintergreen because, quite honestly, I didn’t have any gum or mints so a drop on my tongue does the trick.  Plus I would have it on hand in case anyone had any bone or muscle issues.

Lavender again for calming and relaxing myself or anyone else.  I actually put a couple of drops of Lavender and Frankincense in my hands, then put some under my nose and on my throat yesterday when my dad was getting a little anxious.  Having it on me, he would pick up on it as well, and it would help him relax.

Frankincense for detachment and immune support – plus I just love the smell of it – it takes me right to a “happy” place.

Melaleuca Alternifolia in case anyone had a cut or something that needed to be cleaned out.

Clary Sage because it’s that time of the month and I wanted to be prepared should I need a little help balancing hormones or if I needed relief from any discomfort associated with my period.

Forgiveness to put on at night as I reflected on the day and the state of health and health care in the world.

Peppermint to combine with Lavender as an “Icy Hot” type rub for my neck should it tense up.

Eucalyptus Radiata to help clear any sinus or respiratory congestion I or anyone else may experience – especially with allergy stuff in the air.

Basil to combine with Lemongrass again for muscle and connective tissue relaxation.  I actually also combined these two with some sea salt in a glass jar to smell on the 2 1/2 hour drive to Flint, as I sometimes get tired and smelling that wakes me up.

Clarity again for the drive and also in case I didn’t sleep well, I could use it to help me focus and think and communicate more clearly.

Purification in case I or anyone else had any kind of big bite or if I needed to get rid of any smells (certainly not in the hospital, right?).

Idaho Balsam Fir to layer on top of any of the oils that I want to reinforce or give an “extra” boost to.

Oregano to take in a capsule if I was feeling run down to help combat any infection.

M-Grain in case I or anyone in my family had a headache – I could use this to help relieve it.

Roman Chamomile for calming myself or others and as a tool to help with any “knots” in muscles (combine this with Frankincense and hold points in the muscles to relieve the tension).

Spruce because I love the smell of it and it makes me happy.

Sandalwood should I want to do any meditating or reflecting and I needed help releasing emotions.

So, there you have it.  Did I ever say how much I love essential oils?  As my dad is taking a nap and I am sitting here writing and pulling out all of my oils, a wonderful aroma is filling his room.  Think of all of the healing molecules floating around doing their “thing” and making the room smell fresh, natural and pure.  Just think if hospitals started using essential oils in their treatments.  At the very least if they used them in the ventilation system, they could really make a difference and probably put a few more smiles on peoples’ faces.

I hope this gives you some ideas on how you can use the essential oils, not only for yourself, but for those you love, and for those who will directly or indirectly be in your presence.

I think it’s time for a drop of Wintergreen and Frankincense on my tongue.